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    Virtuous recital and genuine emotions
    Brilliant performance by Vicente Bögeholz and Juanjo Mosalini with their work “Delta y Mar” in the Klangbrücke
    By Rauke Xenia Bornefeld

    AACHEN. The Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Musik (GZM), who organize and stage contemporary music, did not want to make any real categorization. Welcoming the audience to the concert “Delta y Mar” in the Klangbrücke, Manfred Sieben from GZM posed the question : “Well, is this New Music or simply new music ?” In any case, the audience was soon under the spell of Vicente Bögeholz on guitar and Juanjo Mosalini on Bandoneón as they presented the music from their third joint album “Delta y Mar”, which was recorded some time ago in a church in Paris. Their musical journey together started 17 years ago. And of course these musicians with their South American background – Mosalini was born in Argentinia, Bögeholz in Chile – simply come together in Latin-American music, especially in tango. However, if you think you know this genre just because you know Piazzolla, you can learn a lot from Bögeholz-Mosalini. The album “Delta y Mar” includes own compositions by both musicians. Mosalini coaxes the innermost of “Tango inside” out of his instrument, Bögeholz recalls his forefather who, like so many people in the 19th century, left Germany and found a new life in Puerto Varas. However, even if it would be understandable to expect a little melancholy and wistfulness here, their music only has nuances in common with the classical Tango Nuevo à la Piazzolla, it is so much more - a first step to something new. The composers Rüdiger Blömer and Wolfgang Bartsch, who are friends of the musicians, also composed titles for “Delta y Mar”. Particularly in Bartsch’s pieces, “Strömungen”, “Lamento” and “Spiel der Kräfte” Bögeholz and Mosalini distance themselves from the Latin-American music culture and set off on a journey into world music. This is absolutely no problem for the excellent musicians, who also in their own compositions do not shy away from complex techniques. Above all, Bögeholz and Mosalini are fascinating with their almost uncanny, instinctively convinced interplay which always leaves an enormous scope for emotions. Neither of them try to put themselves or their instrument in the limelight – neither when they’re playing nor in their compositions. And this made for two wonderful hours spent experiencing something new – and at the end of the day, no need to choose a category.

    Aachener Zeitung, 4 April 2017

    Deep down in intense sounds

    By Christian Leinweber

    Bergisch Gladbach ...Already with the opening piece – the tango classic "La Cumparsita" composed by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez in 1916 and arranged by Mosalini – the two outstanding musicians demonstrated just how complex and multi-facetted tango music is : the atmospheric play between the two instrumentalists came over like a mellow escape over sheer never-ending landscapes....magnificently orchestrated in a dynamically perfectly balanced interplay. Also the interpretation of Rüdiger Blömer’s "Tres encuentros" was played with such soul and inspired by such a breathtaking energy. The two musicians have the gift of furiously unfurling the complex structures, the feverish harmonies...an intense soundscape in which the sharp-edged melodies of the bandoneon meets with the captivating and enchanting guitar phrases.

    Kölner Stadtanzeiger 29.09.2014

    Bandoneon Festival : A music match made in heaven
    Crowds at the opening concert with Juanjo Mosalini and Vicente Bögeholz.
    By Gabriele M. Knoll

    Krefeld. Saturday evening in the Fabrik Heeder saw a tremendous turnout at the first concert of the 11th Krefeld Bandoneon Festival…with Bögeholz & Mosalini offering a great introduction to faraway soundscapes with a combination of tango and classical Spanish guitar. ... It doesn’t take long to hear and see just what a well attuned instrumental duo these two maestros are. ... They bounce the musical balls virtuously back and forth and then race perfectly together through the presto passages. ...The audience is abuzz with rapturous applause. There’s no better start to such a festival.

    Westdeutsche Zeitung 21.09.2014

    A sensual breath in here and now
    A new definition of tango by South American Duo
    By Stefan Pieper

    The breath of this instrument is so infinitely variable, giving expression to the most subtle emotions. When Juanjo Mosalini pulls out his bandoneon to its utmost, it’s a good metre long, and forming the tone by pushing in the concertina, he sometimes literally folds the instrument up. What comes over is the finest dynamic nuances, which creates a very intensive canto. At the same time Vicente Bögeholz’s guitar arpeggios form what is almost a sound-scape and then in the next moment they take on a jazzy or even extremely classical turn.

    The performance of this duo in the Kassiopeia Hall of the Ruhrfestspielhaus in Recklinghausen was in its true sense quite outstanding ! It demonstrated that the Argentine tango is anything but a rigid and set style and, least of all, a genre just for the museum – it is something very much alive and spirited. And these two South American musicians gave their audience an understanding of tango as a principle of artistic openness, an opportunity for creative freedom. This was the kind of essence Astor Piazolla had in mind when he broke with the strict traditional dogma and created the Tango Nuevo. And what these two very alert interpreters are doing is taking bold steps into the unknown and projecting unconventional deconstruction in an absolutely virtuous radiance. However, the passionate flair of the classical tango - especially at the beginning – always remains a part of this. In the hands of this duo the older musical pieces by Juan Carlos Cobian or Geraldo Matos Rodriguez exude a profound authenticity. As a contrast to this, the concert in Recklinghausen also performed brand new compositions. And with these, the duo presents every possible – or what would sometimes almost seem impossible - roller-coaster ride of moods, gestures and instrumental techniques. Virtually as in a collage, the forward-thrusting, rhythmic passages meet with sensitive sound meditation, and many a standard melancholy minor key finds a polytonal alienation. And that also comes over as sensual, sensitive and intense – as did every minute of this amazing evening.

    Recklinghaeuser Zeitung, April 5, 2011

    New Year’s Concert with excellent soloists
    Tango instead of marches and polkas
    by Peter A. Kaminsky

    Itzehoe. The New Year’s Concert with the "Sinfonietta Köln" directed by Cornelius Frowein was almost “full house”...But it was Vicente Bögeholz (guitar) and Juanjo Mosalini (bandoneon) who delivered the colour and fervour, the temperament and esprit. They were able to give the New Year’s Concert the atmosphere of light-heartedness and vibrancy that had been missing before the interval : it was truly a concert in a concert. With their encore the guitar-bandoneon duo also enraptured their fellow musicians of the "Sinfonietta", receiving thundering applause as they bridged the gap between melodic melancholy and rhythmic energy. Beforehand, Vicente Bögeholz and Juanjo Mosalini in Astor Piazolla’s double concert "Hommage à Liège" already had the audience stamping their feet in delight…

    Norddeutsche Zeitung, 11. January 2011

    An excursion into contemporary music
    The Argentinean Mosalini and Chilean Bögeholz present a sophisticated musical evening with their program “De las tierras”.
    By Klaus M. Schmidt

    Krefeld. The grand master of the bandoneon, Rene Garcia, and his accompanist on the guitar, Gabriel Battaglia presented to their public a more traditional, folkloristic entertainment at the penultimate concert in the Bandoneon Festival. By contrast, Juanjo Mosalini and Vicente Bögeholz, in the closing concert, covered a broad range, with excursions into newer music and moderately modern, contemporary music along with variations inspired by jazz. The performance demanded the audience’s undivided attention in the Heeder Factory concert venue. Whereas Battaglia was almost slavish in his accompaniment of bandoneonist Garcia, with Mosalini on the bandoneon and Bögeholz on the guitar, two equally talented virtuosos were on stage. They alternated in accompanying each other, passing the melody back and forth. Often complex polyphonic elements were to be heard in their playing. The program included only two traditional tangos. Otherwise it was largely contemporary composers who were played. There were even two world premiere performances to be heard that evening : the soulful “Lamento" by Wolfgang Bartsch and “Tres Encuentros” by Rüdiger Blömer. Astor Piazolla was represented in the regular program only with the guitar solo “Romantico”, but the “Eloge du tango” by Frenchman Schlosberg and the bandoneon solo “A Dos Tulpianes” by Geraldo Le Cam demonstrated that there are also other ambassadors of the tango nuevo who are well worth hearing. Inspiration drawn from jazz was also heard in “Villa Luro” and “Travesuras” by Tomas Gubitsch. Mosalini and Bögeholz made their most daring forays into new music with “Dando vueltas” by Andreas Staffel. Without delving into the other pieces presented here, there is no question that this was an ambitious musical evening that Argentinean Mosalini and Chilean Bögeholz presented with their “De las tierras” program. And even if tango and tango nuevo were not missing entirely, it should be mentioned in particular that the two musicians, both obviously profiting from a background of classical training, understood how to get the audience interested in music showcasing the bandoneon outside the usual stylistic borders.

    Westdeutsche Zeitung, October 10, 2006

    Tango and shimmering guitar arpeggios
    Stunning conclusion to the 8th International Guitar Convention in Wetzlar was the tango evening with the Bögeholz/Mosalini duo, the Minguet Quartette and Eric Chalan. These inspired musicians offered a program that crossed the boundaries of conventional tango repertoires by including new compositions.
    By Jörn Martens

    “... With ‘Concert d´aujourd hui’, the two showed themselves to be interpreters who seem to have had the music of ‘Tango Nuevo’ tailored especially for their talents and sensibilities …. In spite of all the dynamics and rhythmic power, both musicians radiated a sensitive lightness, …. A further brilliantly successful composition for guitar and bandoneon was ‘Eloge du tango’ by Benoid Schosberg. Here Juanjo Mosalini explored the entire tonal bandwidth of the bandoneon in congenial alternation with shimmering guitar arpeggios and fantastic monophonic passages. … The finale was once again a piece by Gubitsch for string quartette, guitar and bandoneon. The four-movement Cacerolazo concerto unfolded thrilling drama, almost ecstatic in its effect. Here the Minguet Quartette developed a distinctive rhythm and melodic and tonal density that expanded, in the final movement – ‘La coartada’ – to take in all the instruments, coming together in a rock-like climax. The ovations seemed likely never to end, …”.

    Solms-Braunfelser, October 7, 2005

    Perfection not as an end in and of itself
    By Hans Dieter Peschken

    “Lively reflection characterizes the performance by these two musicians, based on perfection which never appears to be an end of its own. The were successful in doing completely without showy effects and creating an air of excitement through undivided concentration, captivating the audience from the very first moment….”

    Rheinische Post Krefeld, 18. October 2004

    Tango as a feeling for life, filled with longing
    By Yvonne Schäfer

    “The finest musicality and a carefully honed sense of style were integral to their playing, … breathtaking interpretations…. In addition to their synchronization with the music, the personalities of the musicians contributed to the essence the tango actually represents : a feeling for life which not only joined two hearts, but which also won over the hearts of the enthusiastic audience.”

    Die Rheinpfalz, 20. April 2004

    Duo Bögeholz Mosalini in Stuttgart
    Sparking curiosity By Joachim Kreibich

    “The expectations of the tango community are, as always, quite mixed. The classical faction has a true fear of the moderne while those who revere Astor Piazzolla often find the older numbers a bit benign. Jazz fans, on the other hand, are waiting for somebody to take his eyes off the sheet music and dare an improvisation. Bögeholz and Mosalini have decided to spark curiosity in those groups for the interests of the others. Guitar and bandoneon prove to be a harmonious combination in the hands of two such excellent musicians….”

    Reutlinger General-Anzeiger, 19. April 2004

    Singular tonal magic
    By Alexander Kuck

    During the Rhenish Music Festival friends and fans of Argentine music were treated to an exquisite and captivating chamber concert in the Eurogress hall. ...Three works for guitar and bandoneon ... made it evident that Vicente Bögeholz and Juanjo Mosalini are a superb musical pair. Employing exquisite virtuosity and smooth, organized teamwork, they drew from this music their own special tonal magic and their extraordinary, tense interplay of wistful melancholy and rhythmically expressive emotional turbulence, and did so in the most convincing fashion. ... The audience showed its appreciation with lengthy and enthusiastic applause.

    Aachener Zeitung, 8. May 2002

    III Days of guitar 2000 in Darmstadt
    By Klaus Trapp

    The ‘Histoire du Tango’ by Piazzolla developed a kind of music rich in fleeting rhythms that came from their souls. It was outstanding they way the two musicians merged their talents… The audience responded with great ovations for their performance…

    Darmstädter Echo 12.December 2000